Monday, June 25, 2012

^V^ Creative Advertisement !規劃永遠趕不上變化^V^

^V^ Click d above youtube , d advertisement is awesome , damn creative ^_- I hv posted in my previous posting , saying I hv stop buying in shares since month of Feb , still d same old saying , it is still not time 2 buy in yet ^_- I knew a lot of my fans r getting piss off liaoo.. they blame me 4 not recommending any stock picks since FEB ! Well.. 2 all out there , I am what I am , if there is not time 2 buy in , I will never come out with any stock picks just 4 d sake of giving stock picks ! If u trust me , stay a side from shares mkt ( esp KLSE ) , wait till u see d momentum , vol n much clearer picture ^_- I cant tell u when to buy in until I see all d above , old saying , planning can never catch up with changing ! 規劃永遠趕不上變化 ! Trust me , stay aside till u see clearer picture ^_-

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