Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Plans For 1,000th RAW, WWE Teasing Heel Turn For Christian

- WWE’s 1,000th RAW will feature cameo appearances from many former WWE superstars. WWE has reportedly reached out to 20-30 legends to appear on the 3-hour July 23rd episode, which will kick off the new 3-hour interactive era of RAW.
- The WWE website has a new article up looking at recently capturing the Intercontinental title – and how far he’ll go to stay champion. The article speculates that , who has wrestled as a heel for a good portion of his WWE career, might resort to heel tactics:
“Considering a history of jealousy and other nefarious traits, what might Captain Charisma do to stay on top after injuries and setbacks kept him from it for so long?”
For now, the WWE Universe can merely trust that this Christian really is for the Peeps. And, if the signature smile proves to be a signal of another con job during his current title run, all we can do is simply grin and bear it.”
- Matt Striker replaced as announcer at weekend live events because Garcia was dealing with a family situation in South Carolina. She tweeted the following great news:
“In SC w my dad celebrating the fact that his test results came back negative 4 Cancer. Been a rough few months waiting 4 results! #OverJoyed”

Source : Sescoops.com

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