Thursday, May 31, 2012



     ESET Smart Security v5.2.9.1 + Patch/Activation x86/x64 Mediafire Download Links | 50MB



Eset Smart Secutiry 32-Bit/64-Bit latest and most complete version of security software including anti-virus firm Eset, anti-spyware and firewall is a mess. And the ability to protect adjacent computers are capable of using the NetWork. Today, with computer viruses and other Internet threats using an antivirus is powerful because it requires a connection to the Internet and File Hstd that important documents are stored on your computer and may be neglected with all the documents lose. The use of some anti-virus problems, including lower-speed computers, bulk updates and follow the messages and that is frustrating that some users do not use antivirus. What is the remedy? Whether there are anti Vyrvys without lowering the overall system speed and full-time computer protection. Product of the company's NOD 32 ESET, antivirus is very fast, powerful and quiet for a comprehensive and full-time protection against all types of viruses, worms, spyware, Trojan, and hackers and cyber theft

The main sectors Tshklyl Eset Smart Secutiry: 

ESET Personal Firewall: With powerful Firewall that all traffic exchanged between a protected computer and other computers in a local network considers Some of the performance of the firewall: - Regular review of programs that use POP3 protocol and HTTP (the protocol for browsing, get and send e-mail will be used) for pollution - To prevent low level attacks on networks that have less security - Input and output filtering based on rules, the latter will - Under the constant changes in executable files - Antivirus MONitor: The part that Astah (AMON) called for the automatic and constant File Search to find the virus before they are accessible to users. - NOD32: This section is for various hand-File or Drive. - Internet MONitor: This part of the so-called (IMON) is called to search and destroy infected File System users in the network before reaching the Internet. - Email MONitor: This part of the so-called (EMON) called for received and sent by Email Search programs are Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange. - Document MONitor: This part of the so-called (DMON) is called Find File to search for text documents and Microsoft Office are. - ESET Anti Spam: - Support for the RCF email format - Ability to Create Blacklist and Whitelist - Ability to control multiple messages simultaneously - Full integration with Microsoft Outlook software Features software, Eset Smart Secutiry: - ThreatSense ® technology to find Czech malicious code such as viruses, spyware and ... - A unique and intelligent searching to find suspected pollution File that are new and unknown - Protect all avenues of penetration of viruses into the system include: SMTP, POP3, HTTP, and all local and removable media - The implementation and dissemination of the virus File - Ability to delete malicious code into memory - Clean up contamination from the File that are read-only. (Such as running DLL File Find) - To run automatically at Windows startup - Low volume and low volume, updated hourly antivirus updates download (suitable for low speeds) - Compatible with different versions of Windows, including the popular Windows 7

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