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Complete List of European Cup winners

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Let us support anti-racism euro 2012, euro before 2012 begins let's look at the history of the euro, which countries had become champion. The Soviet Union became the first country to lift the Henri Delaunay trophy in 1960. Spain became the second country to have won the trophy after the final victory over the defending champion.

As for Germany (West) started to show its existence in 1972, who then repeated the feat in 1980. Last year in 1996 to Der Panzer incised achievements in Europe.

Germany as a team title of the largest collectors of Euro Cup. France and Spain each collected two titles. While the new team to win a title was the Soviet Union (1960), Italy (1968), Czechoslovakia (1976), Holland (1988), Denmark (1992) and Greece (2004).

Complete List of European Cup winners:
1960-Soviet Union
1972-West Germany
1980-West Germany
1988-The Netherlands
Recapitulation Champion Titel:
3 - Germany
2 - Spain and France
1 - The Soviet Union, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Holland, Denmark and Greece.

the list of Group division of Euro Cup 2012 - Euro 2012 read here
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