Wednesday, May 30, 2012

National Geographic Wild Dino Death Trap HDTV XviD-AFG

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Imagine the dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures of the mid-Jurassic–predators and prey–locked in the daily struggle of survival. Suddenly, a volcanic cataclysm–a dinosaur Pompeii–engulfs them. Some die in an instant. Others break for the safety of the horizon as hot ash rains down on surrounding wetlands. As they plow through the forming ashy mud, they are swallowed, as though by quicksand, frozen in death for 160 million years. Until now.Today, in China’s western Gobi desert, paleontologists are uncovering what they believe to be the aftermath of this prehistoric cataclysm–pits of dinosaur fossils stacked four and five deep. Nothing like this has ever been seen before–a mass grave site of predatory dinos, including what scientists believe is the precursor to the most “terrible lizard”of them all–the Tyrannosaurus Rex. More astounding still–these fossils are the missing puzzle-pieces from a long-lost era in dino history–the Middle Jurassic, a time when dinosaurs took over the world. It is in this hazy era that dinosaurs grew gigantic. But how they super-sized is one of the most electrifying questions in paleontology. These new fossils may hold a key to how dinosaurs grew to be the largest, most dominant life forms on the planet.

National Geographic Wild Dino Death Trap HDTV XviD-AFG
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