Monday, May 14, 2012

We’re up there with the big boys

SERGIO AGUERO believes Manchester City’s dramatic title triumph will propel them along a glory-laden road.

The Argentina star’s stunning 94th-minute winner will be remembered forever and a day by all Etihad fans.
Without it the club would have been picking up the pieces for who knows how long and may never have recovered.
But now City have ended a 44-year wait for the title, Aguero believes there will be no stopping them.
He roared: “It’s all concerned with talking about City now, not United.
“We pulled it out of the fire and won it at the very last minute. Hopefully it’s the start of big things for City in the future.
“It was almost lost but we managed to pull it round and saved ourselves in the last minute.
“I think it would have been a real body blow if we hadn’t won, but I think the main thing is to concentrate on the fact we did.
“We did win it — and the effect is the opposite, the total opposite. I think it’s going to be a real boost, a real positive effect on the side going into the future.
“I think at this moment City have become a great side.
“You can say we are up there with the big boys after that victory and a league title. Let’s hope it is the start of a run of trophies.
“That’s the aim. I came here to win trophies.”
In the aftermath of the incredible scenes at the Etihad on Sunday, the hero of the moment was at a loss to explain just what had happened and his part in it all.
Aguero, 23, added: “I wish I could tell you how I did it but I can’t.
“I thought for all the world that Mario Balotelli was going to have a go himself, but he just moved the ball on one more, if you like, and it fell at my feet.
“I just thought, ‘hit the target, hit it as hard as you can and hit the target’. And it went in!
“It’s the most important goal I’ve scored in my career so far. You get the goal in the last minute to win the title. You’re not sure if that’s ever going to happen in your career again.
“I’m really, really happy — obviously, given that it’s a massive thing winning the Premier League. It’s a fantastic moment.”
Aguero admitted he thought the game and the title was up. City’s fans, and increasingly the players, were dropping into a pit of despair as they trailed 2-1 to QPR in injury time.
Then sub Edin Dzeko gave City a sliver of hope when he headed home David Silva’s corner — and it was one they quickly grabbed.
Aguero said: “We thought everything was lost. Until Edin’s goal went in we were almost running out of ideas towards the end and it was almost as if we all thought, ‘I think that’s it guys’.
“But we got a real huge amount of enthusiasm with the goal from Edin going in and then we just thought, ‘let’s go for it — one last effort, two or three last efforts and we can maybe get something.’”
They did through Aguero’s 30th goal of a fantastic first season with City. Afterwards in the dressing room Aguero revealed boss Roberto Mancini thanked every player personally — but most were lost for words.
The Argentine striker added: “Obviously the dressing room was very, very happy — everybody was celebrating in there.
“With the manager, it’s not about words when you’ve won a title like this. It’s more hugs, everyone embracing each other.
“The manager greeted us all personally when we came off and said ‘thank you’. But it’s not about words — it’s about hugs and celebrating.”
Aguero wanted to keep the match ball but had no idea where it had gone in the bedlam that ensued following his goal and the final whistle moments later. But he still has some souvenirs to remember from the most incredible day in Premier League history.
He said: “I try and keep the ball when I can but not this time! I don’t know where it ended up in the end but I’ve got my boots.
“I’ll be keeping them and my shirt obviously. But I don’t know where that ball is!”
The players went on to Manchester Town Hall to celebrate after their amazing victory over QPR.
Meanwhile, Mancini and his staff, plus their families, had a hastily-arranged celebration at the Hilton Hotel in the city centre.
He had not wanted to arrange anything for himself in advance. After leaving there, Mancini and his closest assistants at the club went to The Lowry Hotel across town to see chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak.
A manager and chairman united in City’s joy. 



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